Retirement Community in West Orange, New Jersey


The premier retirement community in the New York metropolitan area, Green Hill has provided seniors and their families with compassionate, personal senior care in West Orange for over 150 years. Green Hill offers a lifestyle for every need, whether you’re independent and on the go, need a little help with daily living or require full-time assistance.

Our vision
To preserve the vision of our founders by not only continuing to see, but to meet, the changing needs of our community.

Our mission
Continuing the tradition of those before us, Green Hill’s mission is to maintain a warm, homelike environment in our senior living community, offering support and assistance to seniors and their families. Our staff is integral to our mission by providing excellent service and offering quality care complemented by a wide array of recreational, educational, and social activities. Under the direction of our board of trustees, we continue our not-for-profit mission by enhancing the quality of life for seniors in inviting surroundings, encouraging respect and dignity from a caring staff who take pride in their life’s work.

The history of Green Hill
In 1866, following the end of the Civil War, the Society for the Relief of Respectable Aged Women opened a small residence for 13 women in Newark, New Jersey. This small residence became the foundation for Green Hill.

As word got out and demand increased, the community grew to house 60 seniors, adding a nursing care unit in 1880.

A year later, in a parallel development, the Newark YWCA created a department for the incurable in their boarding house. A second building was added in 1883, but within 25 years, the program, ultimately known as the Home for Incurables and Convalescents, had outgrown their facilities. At that time, they also launched a school to train nurses, providing a source of skilled professionals for the home.

In 1958, the two groups merged to form the Memorial Center for Women. Then in 1965, the board of directors purchased Green’s Hotel, a beautiful property built in the 1920s on Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange, New Jersey. In 1986, 33 new suites for assisted living expanded our capacity, and in 2011, we expanded further with a new innovation known as the The Villas at Green Hill.

Though the world has changed greatly since our inception, the need for thoughtful personal senior care has only grown. We’re proud to continue this tradition on the highest level, providing top-quality senior living options for the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

To learn more about our 152 years of service to West Orange’s senior community, contact us today.