Green Hill readies for the snow.

Along with receiving continual updates from Emergency Preparedness officials on the timing and severity of the storm, Green Hill is prepared to keep its resident’s and staff safe and warm during the winter storm. Managers, supervisors and team members who are scheduled for Tuesday will be staying the night tonight and throughout the duration of the storm. Dining services is going over the inventory and menus to ensure lots of delicious and nutritious meals for resident’s and staff while the snow falls. Snow removal equipment is being readied and IT is on top of maintaining communication systems throughout the snow event.

Stay inside and make sure your phones and personal media devices are fully charged. Have batteries and flashlights on hand. Ensure that you have drinking water and food. Be careful shoveling snow and stay off the roads.

Please remember to stay in contact with the senior citizens that you know and those who live near you. We will keep you posted as the storm progresses.