Barbara Heins Retires From Green Hill After 35 Years of Dedicated Service

Barbara Heins, the much beloved Administrative Assistant, who has been an integral member of the Green Hill family for over 35 years, retired on March 31st.  Ms. Heins began her career at the age of sixteen in office management working for companies such as Continental Insurance and Blue Cross. Ms. Heins joined the Green Hill team in 1981 and quickly rose to the position of administrative assistant to the Executive Director/President.

In 2014 Barbara was honored by the Green Hill Board of Trustees with the Lincoln Ames Award. The Lincoln Ames Award is given to an outstanding individual who is instrumental in helping Green Hill achieve its mission to serve the elders of the Green Hill community with respect and self-determination, in a safe, healthy, and engaging environment while promoting ‘culture change’, and elder centric care for senior citizens across the state of New Jersey. Barbara Heins exemplified the spirit of Lincoln Ames and the mission of Green Hill.

At Barbara’s award presentation, former Green Hill Executive Director Toni Lynn Davis who worked with Barbara for decades commented, “Barbara is very dedicated to Green Hill, the first one to arrive at the office in the morning and one of the last to leave at night. Barbara is extremely hardworking and always willing to help others. … and a hugely generous person with her time and resources.”

“We are proud of Barbara’s contributions and dedication to Green Hill and we thank her for the joy she has brought to the staff, residents and families each day,” said Executive Director Donna Lazartic. Trustees, staff and residents gathered for a celebratory reception in Barbara’s honor on March 31st, where Chairwoman Lori Braender presented her with a special gift and resolution of thanks, unanimously passed by the board of trustees.

Good wishes to Barbara Heins from the Green Hill family for a happy and healthy future!

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