Cross Stitching is not a lost art form at the Green House Homes Green Hill.

Elders make hand made quilts for others.

By the inviting hearth in the living room of Green House Home, #117 Green Hill elders are deep in conversation as their fingers fly while they create cross-stitch quilts for their great-grandchildren.

Ensconced in comfortable chairs by the fireplace, elders Ruth Kenyon & Bertha Brownstein work deftly. They both learned how to cross-stitch from Ruth’s daughter, Pat Maher. The traditional knitting pattern was taught to Pat by her grandmother, and she thought this would be a great activity to share with the elders. Ruth, Bertha and Par gather together to cross-stitch most every day, to chat and work intently on their quilts.

“It is great because the Shahbazim and visitors in the home are so excited to see the progress of the quits every day,” said Maggie Frank, Guide & Community Life Director. “Ruth & Bertha have a great reasons for completing their quilts quickly. Ruth is making one for her newest great-grandchild due in June, and Bertha is making one for great- grandson, Eli.”

Green Hill provides opportunities for elders and staff to share their skills, experience and traditions with each other providing enrichment to their live, continuing education and goal oriented projects for elders in the community.