Diana Werner’s “Herstoric” Life

Diana Werner appears unassuming as she rolls herself around Green Hill with her bag of knitting on her lap and her handbag hanging from the handlebars of her wheel chair. At 90 years of age, Diana is busy participating in the Senior Service Club programs, knitting hats for the premature babies in local hospitals, and painting.

Diana was born and raised in Wilshire, England. Diana was a prolific and accomplished painter. As a young woman, she fell in love with Hans Werner, a US soldier visiting England while stationed in Germany. They married and she joined him in Germany where Hans was working as a scribe for the Nuremberg Trials giving her a front row seat to the historic event. While there Diana was ‘discovered’ by a fashion magazine and began her successful modeling career.

After the trial, Diana and Hans moved to New York City where she began modeling for the Ford Modeling Agency, the most prestigious modeling agency of the time. She was under contract until she retired and moved to West Orange New Jersey where they raised their son John. Diana has continued to paint earning recognitions in area art shows.

“There are a lot of good activities to keep me busy here at Green Hill,” said Diana. ‘I have made lots of friends, the staff is very nice.  I enjoy happy hour and the painting classes are very good.”

Diane’s words of wisdom for women of today are “stay connected to your creative side, do something creative in your life.