Did you Know? Nutrition

Tim Page, Director of Culinary Services at Green Hill.

Local Produce

At Green Hill, Compass Group & Morrison Senior Living, the culinary service vendor, supports global sustainability through local action. Supporting local communities and cultures is part of our responsibility. We support these communities by partnering with local produce suppliers and regional American family farmers, encouraging good agricultural practices to provide quality produce, economic growth, and local community development.

Certified Humane Cage Free Shell Eggs

We made history in 2008 committing to serve only shell eggs from chickens raised in a certified humane cage-free environment. No company of our size had yet taken such a position. Today we stand by our commitment to certified humane cage-free shell eggs. This practice is currently being practiced at Green Hill as well.

Sustainable Dairy

We purchase approximately $120 million in liquid milk annually, only approving suppliers who use 100 percent rBGH-free liquid milk and yogurt. Compass Group and Foodbuy understand the possible negative impacts of rBGH and are making considerable efforts to minimize and eliminate its use in many of our products.

Minimum Standards

The foundation of our end.to.end wellness solution is our position on key nutrition, sustainability and wellness issues, and our ability to influence the food supply. As a Compass Group client, you and your customers are entitled to the following:

  • No artificial trans fat (zero grams trans-fat products)
  • Milk free of artificial rbgh
  • Sustainable seafood
  • Reduced saturated fat
  • Reduced sodium
  • Reduced added sugar
  • Reduced artificial colors and flavors
  • Increased whole grain selections
  • Increased fruit and vegetable offerings
  • Plant based proteins
  • Local sourcing
  • Cage-free shell eggs
  • Socially responsible coffee
  • Promotion of moderate portion sizes
  • TrimTrax and waste reduction initiatives

All of these healthy and globally sustainable food choices and services are part of the Green Hill culinary program. We know you will taste the difference and now you also know the difference globally sustainable food makes to our table and our world.