Great Food Prepared for Elders at Green Hill

Delicious and healthy food, and communal dining whether in the Legacy Dining room, or at the The Villas at Green Hill family tables is a mainstay at Green Hill that provides physical, emotional and social benefits to our elders.

Green Hill often works with professional and in-house chefs to educate staff in preparing new dishes, seasonal selections and family favorites of our residents

Most recently Chef Jomar Bras demonstrated using a pressure cooker for making delicious and nutritious meals without spending hours by the stove. Shahbazim from our The Villas at Green Hills attended the demonstration where Chef made sautéed chicken legs with fresh vegetables in a rich fragrant herb sauce.

“Our The Villas at Green Hill elders always enjoy the home cooked food prepared by the Shahbazim,” said Executive Director and President Toni Lynn Davis. “We love to create a variety of meals with the elder’s input on the menus and to use their own family recipes. It reminds our elders of their own home cooking and increases their desire to eat well.”