Green Hill Goes Greener with Carbon Reducing Energy Plan

By Toni Lynn Davis, MHA, CNHA, FACHCA
CEO and President Green Hill Inc.

When we think of Green Hill we don’t just imagine our beautiful historic Legacy building on the side of the second Watchung Mountain Ridge in West Orange, NJ, the lush tree filled landscape of our campus and the The Villas at Green Hill cul-de-sac. We think of all of the ways Green Hill Inc., and its staff, and residents are committed to living green at Green Hill with energy saving programs, recycling, reducing waste to reduce our carbon footprint. Our latest effort is the partnership with American DG Energy Inc., who is installing a 75kW CHP, a combined heat and power system that will provide our hot water and electricity needs.

“The CHP systems will offset 526 tons of carbon annually,… equal to removing 99 vehicles from the roadways each year,” said a press release posted on The Wall Street Journal website.

More great news is that on top of the reduction of carbon units released in to our atmosphere, the CHP system required of us no capital investment for the system, installation or operating costs. We only pay for the energy that we use, a financial savings as well.

Other ways Green Hill respects the environment and works to create a culture of conservation on our campus include our environmental rain garden, an acre of water retention plantings that reduce water run off creating a healthy ecosystem for bird and plant life. Green Hill residents and staff have a strong recycling program of plastic, bottles, cans, and paper. We reduce the use of paper in our offices, turn off office lights and computers when not in use, and carpool to work. We anxiously await our new tumbling composter to compost our kitchen waste quickly and efficiently. The compost will be used to fertilize our flower gardens and trees which cover the Green Hill campus.

Green Hill’s conservation initiatives are not only good for our environment they are good for our residents and staff. Our efforts to do what is right for our small community and our world is a unifying experience that fosters positive interpersonal opportunities between us that enhance the strong bonds among us. Our elders enjoy active involvement and participation in the process of protecting our environment, and creating a healthier world and future for their loved ones.

To view the DG Energy press release click here.

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