Green Hill LGBT Senior Housing and Care Program In The News!

In an in-depth look at the choices or lack thereof, of welcoming housing options for LGBT Seniors in New Jersey, Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Kevin Riordan highlights the Green Hill LGBT Senior Housing and Care program as an industry leader on the issue of LGBT senior long-term care. The article published May 1st follows the experience of 80-year old Vince Grimm who recently lost his husband and is facing the need to find a home “with less stairs” that is in a community that is open and welcoming to the Gay widower.

Riordan notes, “old attitudes about sexualities other than hetero have not exactly disappeared, particularly among older, non-LGBT people whose new neighbors we may become.”

The Green Hill Senior LGBT Housing and Care program which includes a survey for New Jersey LGBT residents 55 and older, and the first Senior LGBT Housing and Care Expo to be held on June 9that Green Hill, is a collaborative effort with Garden State Equality and stakeholders from across the state. Gordon Sauer from Hudson County Sage is part of the Senior LGBT Housing and Care working group and was quoted in the article on the importance of welcoming senior retirement and long-term care communities be places of respect and inclusion.

Aaron Potenza, of Garden State Equality, noted that “There are higher levels of poverty and significant health disparities, and this older generation is less likely to have children than younger LGBTQ generations,” he said. “They’re more likely to be estranged from their families, making them more reliant upon services.”

“After SAGECare training to become an LGBT welcoming community for seniors at Green Hill we needed to know what to do next,” said Donna Lazartic, Executive Director/President. “With little information available on best practice of programs, services and the environment required to create a welcoming community, we decided to gather New Jersey stakeholders together to determine what the community wants and needs in senior living and care.”

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Enhanced Studio, One and Two Bedroom suites available now at Green Hill in West Orange, NJ, for LGBT seniors in Catered Independent and Assisted Living as we embark on creating programs and services specific to the needs of the LGBT elder community.  Be an LGBT Senior Housing and Care pioneer.  Interested persons should contact Ann Foley for a tour and learn more about the LGBT Senior Housing and Care program.

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