Green Hill Wishes Comfort to Family and Friends on the Passing of James Gandolfini.

nancy marchandGreen Hill Inc. was the location where the Sopranos filmed the scenes of Tony Soprano’s mother, played by Nancy Marchand, residing in a nursing home. The historic Green HIll ‘Legacy Building’ once the Green’s Hotel, was the backdrop for the exterior scenes, while the interior state of the art facilities and private rooms provided the realism for quality of living arrangements expected to be provided by the archetypal ‘boss’ of the fictional New Jersey crime family.

Real life staff and residents of Green Hill remember the cast and crew of the Sopranos as gracious and grateful to be welcomed into the Green Hill community while filming. All who came in contact with James Gandolfini found him to be a genuine man, a regular New Jersey guy with a generous spirit and friendly nature.

From the Associated Press article by Wayne Perry “At Green Hill, the West Orange nursing home where scenes involving Tony’s ailing mother were shot, executive director Toni Lynn Davis said the residents loved the show. Several even got hired as extras, and the show’s payments helped buy a giant flat-screen TV on which they watched the show each week.
“They said it was their weekly vocabulary lesson,” Davis said. “They learned all those new swear words.”

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