Green Hill’s 150th Anniversary Celebration Planning Begun

Planning has begun for the celebration of Green Hill’s 150th anniversary of providing a home and care for elders in New Jersey.  Event planner Jennifer Kraft has been retained to execute a year-long celebration plan which is to include a series of musical events, as well as other fun and educational events, and will conclude with a 150th celebration gala.

Green Hill is creating an expansive historical wall in the Legacy building where artwork, memorabilia, photos and other items from their 150-year history will be displayed.

Originating as the Society for the Relief of Respectable Aged Women, Green Hill began in a single home with thirteen rooms started by thirteen women at 106 East Broad Street Newark, New Jersey in 1866. In parallel activity in 1881, the YWCA in Newark created a department for incurables in its boarding home at 104 Court Street also in Newark. With demand for comfortable housing for aged women increasing in 1883 they purchased property at the corner of Broad Street and Mt. Pleasant Avenue in Newark. In 1910 an adjoining property with a building was purchased and remodeled in 1913 to accommodate more nursing residents.

On September 10, 1958 the Home for Incurables and the Society for the Relief of Respectable Aged Women merged to form the Memorial Center for Women.  Their combined operations were relocated  in 1965 when the Green’s Hotel in West Orange was purchased to meet the ever-growing need for comfortable, safe and supported assisted living and nursing care for New Jersey’s women. Green Hill became co-ed in 1998.

Fast forward to 2011 and the addition of the The Villas at Green Hill, the first of its kind in New Jersey, and Green Hill is now the premier independent, assisted living, nursing and rehabilitative facility for men and women in New Jersey.

The determination of 150 years of dedicated and passionate trustees, and staff has enabled Green Hill to house, heal, nurture, and care for thousands of women and men in their elder years.

“With such an eventful history of growth and adaptation to meet the needs of the elders of New Jersey over a century and a half, a huge celebration is definitely in order”, said Executive Director and President Toni Lynn Davis, a second generation leader of the facility. “The residents, family, friends, staff, and community are all looking forward to it.”

The adorning property purchases in 1913. "Society" Trustees pose in costume for the 50th anniversary event sketch about the founding women of the Society for the Relief of Respectable Aged Women. Buildings at the corner of Broad Street and Mt Pleasant Avenue in Newark.