Green Hill’s Intergeneration Program Hosts Henry Gardner

On Wednesday May 6th, Green Hill residents welcomed Henry Gardner, (16) to their weekly cocktail hour to perform. Henry Gardner, a West Orange High School junior played a thirty-minute set on guitar of old standards, Beatles and new music. Resident’s tapped their toes and sang along to many of the selections.

“Bringing young people to Green Hill through our intergenerational events is an integral part of our recreation program and to the emotional well-being of our residents,” said President and Executive Director Toni Lynn Davis.

Henry has volunteered to sing to residents in the assisted living and nursing wings of Green Hill’s Legacy building through June, and again in September for his senior year of high school.

“I had a great time with the residents and they were so appreciative,” said Henry Gardner. “They enjoyed my singing but I think they enjoyed the fun banter between us even more. I loved that they liked to sing along too and promised them I’d work up a few of their requests for next time.”

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