Green House® Homes: Living for Revolutionary Long-Term Care

resident and caregiver in a Green House Home


Betty has always been a courageous person. She was the first in her family to go to college. She raised three children on her own working long hours. She is very independent, involved in her community and enjoys close friendships. Yet, at 82 years of age Betty has one great fear. She is afraid to be “put” in a nursing home if she should become ill or unable to care for herself.

On the same note, Betty’s daughters also fear that when they can no longer care for their mom she will end up in an institutional environment that is not as comfortable as her home. A place where she will feel isolated and lonely and be threatened with losing her independence. They are afraid of a place where the staff charged with caring for their mom will not be attentive to her needs.

If only there was a place that was more like a home – intimate, with familiar caregivers and friends around her, and a kitchen with home cooked meals made from her own recipes and outdoor spaces to walk. Then Betty and her daughters could face their fear about aging with the same courage that she has faced life’s other challenges.

Green House® Homes, A Real Home that Elders & Caregivers Love

Revolutionary Design for Long-Term Senior Care

A Green House® home is the senior living environment that Betty dreams of. The Green House® home is a revolutionary model of person-directed care where 10 residents live together in a beautiful, modern, single home with ten private bedrooms with private baths, 24-hour care with one to three caregivers plus one nurse per shift, home cooked meals to order and a number of special amenities.

According to The Green House Project’s website,“68 percent of caregivers believe that Green House homes provide better care for elders than in home care.” Green House caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants with 128 hours of additional specialized training. The Green House home makes it possible for elders of any ability to lead healthier and happier lives, at the same cost as a private room in a traditional nursing facility.

Remarkable Style of Senior Living and Care

Residents in Green House® homes thrive in a long-term care environment that creates a sense of independence while giving them the privacy they desire. Residents have the comfort of private bedrooms with full baths and determine their own waking, sleeping and meal times.

Appetites are stimulated by the sounds, smells and sights of food being cooked in the open kitchen. There is no set time for breakfast. Instead, breakfasts are made individually as residents wake up. Lunch and dinner are communal meals served fresh from the kitchen, family style, at the dining room table.

Meal times are seen as a time of gathering and sharing. All residents eat together at one large dining room table that has room for all residents, two staff members and two guests. The large table helps to promote a sense of community and conversation.

The daily activities and celebrations, designed around an elder’s interest, encourage socialization and are enjoyed by visiting friends and family members, just like in a real home. Intimate relationships are formed with the 24-hour caregivers who prepare favorite dishes, provide assistance with daily living, participate in activities and monitor health, wellness and quality of life for residents. Research shows that Green House® staff provide residents with four times more personal and social contact than in a typical skilled-nursing home.

Radical New Model of Person-Directed Senior Care

The Green House Home model created and certified by the Green House® Project is a radical new paradigm for senior care, providing a completely new approach to thinking about and delivering long-term care that has transformed the skilled-nursing service model across the country. Green Hill is the first senior care provider in New Jersey to build Green House Homes, with the third of the four homes celebrated as the 100th Green House Home in the nation.

Green House Homes at Green Hill

Each Green House home at Green Hill is certified by the Green House® Project. Each house has a doorbell used for entrance by visitors and staff, a great room with a fireplace, an open kitchen, a library for nursing personnel and resident records, a den with a pull-out sofa for visiting family, a spa for bathing and hair services, a laundry room, and front and rear outdoor spaces with comfortable chairs, tables and a barbecue grill. Families and guests are welcomed at any time to visit and participate in meals and activities. Green House home residents at Green Hill may participate in all events and activities held in the Green Hill Legacy building as well as the special events uniquely designed for Green House residents by the Green Hill Community Life staff. 

Visit the Green House homes at Green Hill today to experience the most radical, remarkable and revolutionary, long-term care lifestyle available in New Jersey. To learn more and tour the Green House Homes at Green Hill call Ann at 973-766-9355, email, or contact us today.