Happy and Healthy Holidays To You and Your Elders

The holidays are a wonderful time to share with the older adults in your life. Keep in mind a few simple tips to ensure that your holidays go smoothly for you and your loved ones.

Gift Giving with Purpose

Consider interactive gifts like games or crafts that can provide an activity for senior loved ones and stimulate the mind. Music, movies, and photographs that inspire memories are another wonderful gift idea for any senior and especially for those with early or mid-stage dementia symptoms.

Holiday treats like cookies and other sweets bring a lot of joy but do be mindful of any food restrictions that they may have. Remember, the greatest gift you can give your senior loved one is your time so include them in the holiday festivities.

Visiting Your Senior Loved One

When visiting a loved one at a senior living community it is important to plan your visit when your senior is most energetic. Refrain from visits around the “sun-downing time” which is before the late afternoon or evening. If you are visiting a restaurant or bringing them to your home for festivities, try not to overtire or overstimulate them. Keep noise levels moderate.

Ensure they can be safely transported and have a comfortable place to sit at your event. Plan a rest period and resting place during the day if necessary.  End your visit on a high note. Be aware when your loved one is ready to go and have a plan to return them home even if the event is not over. Likewise, be cognizant of when they may be ready for you to leave them.

Senior Nutrition and Medication

Ensure there are food choices that are delicious, healthy and fit into any food restrictions or physical abilities they may have. Check with your loved one’s senior living community and bring any medication, supplies or supplements that they are required to use during the time period of their visit.

Evaluation – Is It Time To Start the Senior Living Discussion?

The holiday gathering is a great time to evaluate older adults for signs of aging that may require planning for senior care services or long-term residency options. Visits also provide an opportunity to discuss with your loved ones their desires for care as they age or if they should become infirm. To learn more about starting the conversation with your senior visit to https://www.green-hill.com/starting-conversation-future-health-needs/ .

A little bit of preplanning this holiday season will ensure that your senior will have a wonderful and memorable experience.

Happy Holidays to you and your family from all of us at Green Hill!Happy