LeadingAge Releases NORC Baby Boomer Survey

LeadingAge releases results of NORC survey on how older Baby Boomers, aged 60-72, envision their life if or when they may need long-term senior care services. It’s an interesting read that will resonate with many of us active Boomers who are not yet ready to think about aging plans.

Safety was found to be the #1 concern for aging adults looking at senior care options for their future. 40% would want to relocate from their home if they had a disability or needed assistance with tasks of daily living. 14% would move to a senior living community that is staffed if they had a physical disability, 42% if they had a cognitive disability.

Income levels define whether or not this group would want to live with, or contiguously to their adult children or other relatives, and most are concerned about becoming a burden to their families.

Note that 71% of the respondents to this survey were listed as Caucasian with an median income just above 2018 US levels. Respondents were asked to identify as male or female only and not by orientation or other identification. To read the survey results visit https://www.green-hill.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/HOW-DO-OLDER-BABY-BOOMERS-ENVISION_FINAL.pdf