The Many Ways Assisted Living Improves Lives

seniors enjoy the benefits of assisted living

Assisted Living Communities Improve Lives for Seniors and Their Loved Ones

Susan is having trouble managing her housekeeping and some of her daily tasks. Sometimes she forgets to take her medication and she can’t seem to keep up with her bills. Shopping for groceries and preparing meals has become a struggle. Driving is beginning to frighten her and she especially doesn’t like to go out in severe weather. Susan enjoys her independence at 80 years of age, even though she is lonely at times with her husband gone and family so busy. Still, she wonders if it is time to think about joining a senior assisted living community. Just what does the term “Assisted Living” really mean?  

It can be challenging to recognize if one is ready to join an assisted living community. The best assisted living communities enable seniors to retain as much independence as possible, while providing the transitional assistance that aging can require.

Improving Quality of Life with Assisted Living Care

Residents thrive in assisted living communities for a variety of reasons. For example, life in an assisted living community eliminates the responsibility of home ownership, including home repair, lawn maintenance and bills, which become more difficult to navigate as aging progresses. Plus, the National Center for Assisted Living notes that well over 80% of residents require assistance with food preparation and medication management, and assisted living communities provide assistance with these tasks, thus freeing seniors to embrace their independence in other meaningful areas. Assisted living in a communal setting also reduces elder depression and isolation by providing daily contact with care providers and peers, and social and experiential opportunities.

Some of the many benefits of assisted living include:

Social Opportunities

As we age our world gets smaller. We retire from our careers, our children become busy with their families and friends pass away, creating a sense of loneliness and isolation. Assisted living communities provide the opportunity to make new friendships and engage in a varied social life, with the autonomy to choose the activities and programs that are of interest. The activities, programs and outings organized by assisted living communities provide intellectual and cultural stimulation, and create and support new goals for residents promoting a rich and purposeful life.

Individualized Care

Assisted Living care enables seniors to live as independently as their ability permits, in private or shared living spaces. Seniors may require varying levels of assistance that change over time, and assisted living professionals can monitor and adjust levels of care as it becomes necessary.

In assisted living communities, the staff provides support with daily living tasks such as dressing, bathing, medication schedules and nutrition while adapting to the care to the individual’s specific needs and desires. Residents enjoy delicious and nutritious meals and snacks, ensuring they maintain a healthy weight and eliminating the need to shop and cook. Nutritional and dietary needs are monitored and aligned to the needs and tastes of each resident.

Safety and Security

Assisted living residences are designed to reduce hazards and accommodate rehabilitative and assistive equipment like wheelchairs and walkers. Features include wide doorways and corridors, hall rails, elevators and bathroom grab bars. The communities are secured and monitored with 24/7 professional staff on site, fire suppression devices, exterior door alarms, panic buttons and other safety features.

Peace of Mind

Loved ones can provide the care and support their senior requires without sacrificing their own health or responsibilities to their families or themselves. They miss less work and are free to take vacations or pursue other interests while knowing their senior is in good hands.

Assisted living communities provide transportation to doctor’s appointments with the provision of social workers and escorts, and/or onsite doctor visits. There is 24/7 access to healthcare, emergency and non-emergency assistance. Immediate response time can prevent or mitigate a larger health challenge from developing. 24-hour assisted living care enables providers to easily recognize developing health issues and address them quickly.

Compassionate Assisted Living at Green Hill

When a helping hand is needed, our dedicated professional staff provide support in a way that is personal, genuine and customized to each resident. Green Hill has multiple assisted living apartment styles including studio, one and two bedroom residences. Our compassionate assisted living care includes help with daily living tasks, medication reminders, escort assistance, and an enhanced living floor with specialized services for those with memory impairment. We also provide 24/7 security and monitoring, restaurant style dining, and a lot of clubs and activities. Pets are welcome upon approval. Ask about taking a Green Hill Test Drive with our two-week staycation special; contact us today for more information.