Message From The Executive Director

The New Year is a time of celebration and contemplation. It is a bridge from the past to the future much in the way this time of year is the pathway from the darkness of the longest night to the growing light of longer days. It is with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye to my family and friends here at Green Hill after 28 years of laughter, love and dedicated service.

From the days when as a child I roamed the hallways adopting treasured grandparents, through to my term as the Executive Director, Green Hill has provided me with the passion and drive of my life’s purpose – to serve the senior citizen of our community with the highest quality of emotional, spiritual and medical care, and deep consideration of the challenges and opportunities of aging in America. We have accomplished much together at Green Hill during my tenure. I am most proud of the systemic ‘Culture Change’ we have implemented and the building of the first The Villas at Green Hill in New Jersey. Stewarding Green Hill through its 150th year anniversary has also been a highlight of my career and a personal milestone.

While I will be leaving in January 2017 to promote culture change in senior care in a broader venue and to assist others in implementing change in their communities, Green Hill will remain a premier senior community in the state. The team that we have assembled is first rate and we boast some of the longest serving staff members in the industry. Green Hill is, and remains a strong family dedicated to providing our residents with healthy, fruitful and fulfilling lives full of love and support. Change is never easy but it can be the most positive of experiences as growth only comes from change. I will miss you all but have no doubt that Green Hill will continue to thrive.

It has been an honor to serve and to work with you all. Happy New Year!

Toni Lynn Davis