Redefining elderly care: elegant suburban homes are more hotel than hospital

Originally posted by The Guardian

You could almost mistake it for a student house-share.

Ten bedrooms, a gaggle of residents hanging out in the living room, exotic smells coming from the kitchen and pullout couches for people to stay the night.

But the fridges are stocked with fruit juice instead of cheap beer; the only drugs on offer are prescription meds. And the average age of the tenant is over 80.

Is this the future of elderly care? Four elegant homes on a tree-lined suburban block in West Orange, New Jersey, personalised schedules, care plans and mealtimes, adaptable care workers and a vibe that is more hotel than hospital.

The model, developed by a group called the The Villas at Green Hill Project, likes to say it puts the “elders” at the center of the programme, giving them as much autonomy and independence as possible within the confines of a space that still has skilled nurses on hand to work with the retirees.

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