Summer Tips for Seniors

helping-seniors-beat-the-heatIt’s almost here. Another summer is days away and it’s important to make sure we all are ready for the heat, humidity, and sun. Seniors should take special precautions when traveling, spending time out of doors, and indoors when the weather in unbearable, and while handling food.

For travel make sure you have safe and comfortable shoes, loose layered clothing for the change in temperature of your environment, and for confined spaces like trains, planes and automobiles. Avoid getting blood clots in your veins by getting up and walking or stretching every hour or so. Reserving an aisle seat will make that easier, and planning for rest stops on road trips will too.

Be sure to have your medications, prescriptions, dosages and doctors names with you when you travel. Also note that when temperatures are higher you may react to your medication differently. Check with you doctor if you notice any changes. Remember not to over-plan your trip or your day. Summer is a time to take it easy and enjoy.

Always stay hydrated. Perhaps keep a bottle of water with you. Hats are a must for the sun, as are UV protective sunglasses and always wear your sunscreen. If it is too hot or humid outside stay indoors, somewhere with air conditioning. There are always activities at home that need doing, movies to watch on TV and books to read. If you have a computer or personal device it’s easy to download books from the library and read them in any size print that you need. Or, go to your local library for some cool air, camaraderie and all of the reading material that you would want.

When handling food remember higher temperatures mean food spoils more quickly so don’t leave your butter or cream out on the counter. Handle meat and protein with care by cooking immediately after removing from the refrigerator. Never leave food to defrost on the counter. Wash your hands often when preparing food, and immediately after handling raw meat of any kind. Summer means a plethora of fabulous fruits and vegetables. Remember to wash all fruits and vegetables well to avoid salmonella or any other food borne contaminates.

Most of all enjoy the summer season by staying safe, eating well, being cool, comfortable and hydrated.