Tips for Seniors: Hearing Loss Prevention

hearing-test-082112.pg_Maintaining good ear health and the ability to hear well reduces ones feelings of isolation, and increases the quality of ones life. Studies now show that those with hearing loss may even have an increased chance of dementia. Here are a few tips to maintain hearing health.
  1. Have regular hearing exams
  2. Be aware of harmful noise levels
  3. Use hearing protectors, plugs when exposed to loud sound
  4. Control the volume on headphones and speakers
  5. Seek medical attention immediately after exposure to loud noise that results in ringing in ears, or hearing loss.
  6. Never put cotton swabs or objects in your ear canal
  7. Blow your nose gently
  8. Use your hearing aids during all waking hours have them adjusted by your audiologist twice per year.

Note that smokers have higher rate of hearing loss. In addition, hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes and 30% higher in those with pre diabetes. Weight control, healthy eating, and exercise can reduce your risk of diabetes, and in turn lower your risk of hearing loss.

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