Toni’s Tips: Earthing

By Toni Lynn Davis MHA, CNHA, FACHCA, Executive Director/President Green Hill Inc.

Have you ever thought about why you feel so good after walking on the beach, lying down in the grass, working in the garden or swimming in an outdoor body of water? Yes, you might say it is a result of being outdoors, getting away from those things that stress you like cell phones, work or familial responsibilities.  Yet, there is a growing movement that believes the feel good effects of these types of activities are a result of Grounding, or Earthing — being in skin or clothed contact with the earth and its electrons.

Wikipedia refers to the word electricity – “Ground (electricity), a common return path for electric current.” With our bodies made up of electrical currents and the earth an electrical planet, it is thought that the connection between us is detoxifying to the body. The negative grounding electrons from the earth clear away the positive electrons called free radicals that we take in to our bodies from our environment, stress, foods and other factors. In some ways, it appears to clear our bodies the way a tree will absorb carbon dioxide and then generate oxygen back into the environment. The human body absorbs the electrical currents of the earth to release (or neutralize) free radicals in our bodies.

“Our bodies and cells have electrical energy, and especially with the high prevalence of Electromagnetic waves, Wi-Fi and mobile phone waves, many of us have a high amount of positive electrons built up in our bodies….Emerging science reveals that direct contact with the ground allows you to receive an energy infusion, compliments of Mother Earth.” Dr Stephen Sinatra

In Earthing, The Most Important Health Discovery Ever explains it, “According to emerging research, Earthing can be beneficial in:

  • Reducing inflammation by defusing excess positive electrons
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Improving Sleep
  • Increasing Energy
  • Lowering stress and promoting calmness by reducing stress hormones.
  • Normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm
  • Improving blood pressure and blood flow
  • Relieving muscle tension and headache
  • Lessens menstrual and female hormone symptoms
  • Speeds healing- used in some places to prevent bed sores
  • Can eliminate jet lag
  • Protecting the body from EMFs
  • Shortens recovery time from injury or athletic activity
  • Reducing or eliminating snoring
  • Helping to support adrenal health

With the requirements of our busy 21st century lives, we don’t spend enough time outdoors. I am finding many positive results from incorporating Earthing techniques into my daily life. Try the following tips for clearing your body of negative energy and improve your mood and well-being.

1-Walk barefoot outside as often as possible.

2- Take time to lay in the grass or the sand to be in full bodily contact with the earth.

3- Use natural elements for flooring at ground level of your home and be barefoot at home.

4- Don’t pass up a chance to be barefoot or take a swim in a natural body of water, or work in the garden.

5- Don’t wear rubber soled shoes.

6- Purchase a grounding mat for your bed. You will sleep the sounder for it.

7- Read the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever to learn more.

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