Michele Kent of Leading Age New Jersey Announces
Agreement on Delivery of Long Term Services.

“Any Willing Provider will be permitted for two years for both Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living. NJ will continue to set rates for 2 years with SNF receiving annual inflationary adjustments during that time.”
Leading Age New Jersey

“This is a vital “win” for us as it will give us and all skilled nursing communities more time to adjust to the Affordable Care Act”, says Toni Lynn Davis, MHA, CNHA, CEO of Green Hill Inc. “Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) refers to the delivery of long term services and supports through capitated Medicaid managed care programs. For nursing homes and assisted living providers, “any willing provider” will be permitted for 2 years from the implementation of MLTSS to contract with the MCOs, as long as they meet the MCO’s credentialing requirements. DHS will continue to set AL and NF rates for the same 2 year period, with nursing homes receiving rate adjustments for inflation contingent upon availability of budget appropriations. These are important policy decisions which will have a significant positive impact on providers.”